SUPCON service dedicates itself to providing the customers with excellent service solutions, and makes great effort to help the customers make the investment into the core competence of the company, and create the whole performance values. SUPCON has established the sound service system, which can not only provide the ordinary pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service to ensure the construction and operation of the automatic control system but also can provide the value-added service and instrument & control outsourcing service to help customers increase system values and optimize enterprise management. Until now, SUPCON has served more than 5,000 companies of process industries covering chemical, petrochemical, power, metallurgy, building materials and etc.

Owing to the sales and service outlets distributing throughout China, the excellent customer service system, and the engineers with rich experience, SUPCON service could ensure the system and service quality, and customer's return on investment in corresponding period. Meanwhile, SUPCON has set up customer-oriented concept, and strengthened the service awareness and skills. With excellent service, SUPCON also ensures system effectively operation, and meet customers satisfaction.

SUPCON service is based on the resource of SUPCON Group and Zhejiang University, under strong support of China Association of Automation , China Institute of Instrumentation, national large-scale scientific research and design units and the equipment manufacturers, SUPCON has achieved rapid development and won comprehensive advantages in automation industry.