SUPCON Wins Large-scale Refining and Chemical Integration Project in SINOPEC Beihai

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October 11, 2010—SUPCON has signed the DCS Supply Contract of Beihai Refining Transformation and Petrochemical Project with SINOPEC Chemical Co., Ltd. This is SUPCON’s first greenfield plant-wide refining and petrochemical project in SINOPEC. WebField ECS-700 large-scale joint control system will be applied in the whole plant, designed with 21 control stations, 78 operator stations, 48 pairs of controllers and 214 cabinets, totals 25,000 IO points.

This is another large petrochemical project in southwest China with two phases and over 20 billion RMB investment. Pro Lưu ject Phase I includes 5,000,000 t/a raw material pretreatment, 1,700,000 t/a catalytic cracking, 600,000 t/a continuous reforming, 120,000 t/a benzene extracting, 200,000 t/a polypropylene production line and 19 auxiliary devices in tank field and public works. Project Phase II will deliver a 15,000,000 t/a refining capacity.