SUPCON Wins 300,000 t/a Pulp&paper Integrated DCS Project

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November 26, 2010—SUPCON succeeded bidding for the 300,000 t/a Wood-pulp & Forest-paper Integrated DCS Project in the competition with many famous international DCS companies and signed the contract with Anhui Huatai Forest-pulp-paper Co., Ltd. It is SUPCON’s second DCS project cooperating with Huatai Group due to reliable products and excellent services provided for the last 95,000 t/a pulp project of Huatai Group.

The 300,000 t/a Wood-pulp & Forest-paper Project is Huatai Group’s key project in the Yangzi River Delta, China. It will newly build a 300,000 t/a bleach products and wood-pulp manufacturing line with a total investment of 3.8 billion RMB for the Phase I. The manufacturing line includes units of raw material preparation, pulping, causticization, evaporation, combustion and waste water treatment etc. SUPCON will provide WebField ECS-700 large-scale joint control system for the project, including 17 operator stations, two OPC servers, four history data stations and 18 controllers, totally around 10,000 I/O points.