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ASP- ISYS read time database

ESP-iSYS real time database provides many abilities, such as uniform and integrated real time data acquisition, storage, surveillance and web browser. It builds up real time data connection among control layer, production layer and management layer. The software is powerful, stable and open. It acts as a basic platform for higher level application, such as advanced process control, process simulation, production scheduling and MES. It also provides a uniform and concrete control environment and effective data access interface for the upper level.
Products Structure


◆ In charge of real time data storage, and provide data retrieve and process service.
◆ Provide standard and effective data services for relational databases such as Oracle and SQL Server. Make the enterprise application based on relational database such as Oracle and SQL Server possible to exploit the data collected by real time database.
◆ Convenient to configure tag and data source-interface such as OPC, DDE.
◆ Integrate diverse data sources, provide interaction ability between data sources and real time database, and implement real time data acquisition in the control system of the whole factory.
◆ Chief console of the real time database. It monitors the running condition of the system and browse the real time data.
◆ Provide practical diagnosis function for advanced customers.
◆ Seamlessly integrate with MS Excel, and display real time data through Excel.
◆ Web application based on real time database. It provides the function of data browse, report display, flow chart display and etc.
◆ Provide the function of browse and retrieve historical trend and real time trend. It supports data analysis and accident retrospect.

Major Functions
High-Powered Real Time Data Service
◆ Mass data storage and high-fidelity compression technology can be able to accommodate thousands of billions of real time production data items and support fast retrieve and browse.
◆ Splendid information integration ability. ESP-iSYS real time database can effectively adapt to all sorts of control devices (DCS, PLC, intelligent devices, etc.) at present. It can realize effective bidirectional interaction through multiple protocols (OPC/DDE/custom protocols). The integrated data can be exploited by the upper level with uniform interface.
◆ Provide data platform for advanced process control, material balance & data retrieve, process simulation, production scheduling, soft measurement, MES and etc.


Convenient Report System
ESP-iSYS real time database provides a report function integrated with Excel. It can conveniently configure an Excel template, and automatically refresh Excel form data with real time data, which remarkably facilitate the process of production data for companies.

◆ Provide multiple standard open interfaces, including OLEDB, ActiveX, COM/DCOM, Web Service Programming interface.
◆ Provide open ERP and MES application data access for the upper level.
◆ Standard OPC Data Access 2.0.
Effective ODBC storage transfer function, which supports large-scale and medium-scale relational DBMS and desktop DBMS, such as Oracle, SQL Server and text file.

Effective Production Surveillance System
ESP-iSYS real time database provides effective web surveillance environment and supports effective surveillance functions of flow chart, trend chart, data report and etc. It provides C/S and B/S architecture mode at the same time, and provides secure access management, which builds a nice path for sharing real time information in the whole company.

Powerful Data Process Function
ESP-iSYS real time database provides excellent software tag, multiple practical data object and plenty of data process functions. Through the script function of the software tag, the user can perform all kinds of online statistical analysis and computation, thereby it serves as a virtual instrument, which provides more abundant and effective data support for the control system and upper level management software.

Support Wireless Data Transmission
ESP-iSYS real time database supports wireless data acquisition, which extends the data coverage and provides a solution to build integrated production data storage and surveillance system for the widely scattered geographically production environment. A wireless OPC service is also provided for digital instruments and intelligent devices, which rapidly solves the wireless data interaction problem of production equipments with effective standard protocols.

Typical Application of Real Time Database ESP-iSYS


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Advanced process control is the core technology of computer integrated process system. And it is usually based on regulatory control in the DCS and FCS systems. It makes use of the strategies of multivariable predictive control, intelligent soft sensor and P&ID diagram to achieve the following goals: improve the control quality of complex industrial process; enhance the anti-jamming ability and robustness of the system, and thereby improve the overall benefit and competivity of the plant.

At present, the advanced process control solutions in the world are up to several thousands. The investment return period is between 6 and 10 months. It can reduce the production cost by average of 5 %. Advanced process control has been regarded as high and new technology because it requires smaller investment and yields higher benefits. It is an important measure to enhance the automation of process industries.

SUPCON has started the research, development and implementation of advanced process control technology since 1993, and released multivariable predictive control software, which was successfully applied in many industries, including petrochemical, oil refining and chemical industry. “It takes 10 years to forge a magic sword.” SUPCON successfully released the APC-Suite series software in 2003, which integrated advanced process control software platform, robust multivariable predictive control, intelligent soft measurement and technical computing. SUPCON has become one of leading providers of advanced process control software and service in the world.

"Safety, Stability, Sustenance, Maximization and Optimization"
◆ Improve stability and safety of the process units
◆ Enhance total performance of the system
◆ Provide accurate online prediction
◆ Improve consistency of the product quality
◆ Ensure that the unit can operate in long cycle and approach its maximum ability
◆ "Optimal" control, optimize production, reduce cost and maximize profit of company

The following are typical benefits of APC-Suite series software:
◆ Reduce the standard deviation of key process variables by more than 50%
◆ Increase the process capacity by between 1% and 5%
◆ Increase the recovery rate of target production by between 1% and 5%
◆ Reduce specific energy consumption by between 3% and 5%
◆ Reduce the cost for waste and re-process, etc.

The key components of APC-Suite series software is shown in the following:
◆ ESP-iSYS-A -- Advanced process control software platform
◆ APC-Sensor -- Intelligent soft measurement and technical computing software
◆ APC-Adcon -- Advanced multi-variable robust prediction control software

{tab = ESP - ISYS}

 ESP-iSYS-A -- Advanced process control software platform

ESP-iSYS-A advanced process control software platform is comprised of the core real time database, application component and configuration component. It is the basic data platform to implement advanced process control, soft sensor, P&ID diagram and process simulation optimization. The platform can provide:
◆ Uniform and integrated real time data acquisition
◆ Powerful data process and integration ability
◆ Effective data analysis and data management abilities.
◆ Reliable VB Script programming tool, which supports the user-defined control

Component Software User Interface


APC Sensor

APC-Sensor -- Intelligent soft measurement and technical computation software

APC-Sensor intelligent soft sensor and flow chart calculation software uses the technology of neural networks and first principle modeling as its core and integrates the function of data pre-processing, secondary variable selection, offline modeling & simulation and on-line prediction. It is an important assistant software in process operation and advanced process control. It has the following functions:
◆ Provide fast, reliable and accurate values of the key process variables on the process units
◆ Provide first principle models for specific process units in hydrocarbon process industries (HPI) and chemical process industries (CPI)
◆ Use special two-fold technology of model prediction update, including predictive model receding update and laboratory data error update, to improve the precision of online prediction.

APC Adcon

APC-Adcon -- Advanced multi-variable robust prediction control software

APC-Adcon advanced robust multivariable predictive control software is the core product of the APC-Suites. It consists of modeling, controller design, simulation, configuration and online application. It has the following functions:
◆ Implement setpoint control and zone control of complex industrial process with strong multivariable interaction, constraint, and long time delay, while keep good stability and strong robustness.
◆ Be able to effectively reject measurable disturbance. It models the measurable disturbance at the same time and predicts its effect on controlled variables and compensates for the effect.
◆ Provide multiple object dynamic optimization. Be able to define sub-optimization targets such as ideal resident value (IRV), maximization and minimization for the manipulated variables, controlled variables and the linear combination of the variables. The sub-optimization targets are satisfied in turn according to their degree of control freedom and the weight priority of the variables.

Component Software User Interface