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Hệ thống điều khiển ECS-700Máy ghi không giấy đa chức năng R1000

SB series Separated Safety Barrier


SB3000 series isolated safety barrier can realize isolation between power supply, input channel and output channel by light, electrical and magnetic technology, and realize terminal isolation between field devices and devices in the CCR. Input signal and output signal are isolated electrically by isolation technology to improve interference-free and reliability. At present, more and more industrial control systems and field devices employ isolation interface rather than non-isolated devices.

SB3000 series isolated safety barrier has also explosion-proof function provided by some voltage and current limit components besides isolation function. The isolated barrier installed in the site and intrinsically safe explosion-proof devices are integrated to intrinsically safe explosion-proof system. Fault energy to dangerous zone is limited to protect devices and human by internal isolation devices, voltage and current limit components.

SB3000 series isolated safety barrier has also certain signal converter circuit, so it has the following functions: isolation, explosion-proof, conversion to standard signal from different electrical signals, isolation power distribution, RTD transducer, millivolt transducer, thermal couple transducer, current signal transducer, digital signal transducer, intermediate relay and so on.


Power supply
(The power supply of instrument connected to safety barrier or voltage generated internally must be less than 250V AC / DC)
Um:Maximum allowed voltage
250V AC/DC
Continuous working temperature (-20 - 60)℃
Storage temperature (-40 - 60)℃
Relative humidity (5 - 95)%
Weight 150g 0.15kg
Dimension(mm) 112.6×99.0×17.5