SUPCON Training, based on Center of Industrial Automation Institute of System Engineering and Institute of Advanced Process Control in Zhejiang University, is a professional automation technology training organization. And it has many qualified train teachers and industrial experts, standard training management system and first-class teaching facilities and also develops the total training solutions for different users. From establishment to now, SUPCON Training gains the support from Zhejiang University, Chinese Association of Automation, China Instrument and Control Society. It provides further education besides high education and vocational education to satisfy the requirements of the customers. Up to now, there are more than ten thousands of students trained by SUPCON Training to be the technical backbone in their companies.

With the rapid development of overseas business, SUPCON Training has developed the complete overseas training system based on the powerful training capabilities and a full-time overseas training team devoting themselves to developing overseas training courses and teaching overseas users.

According to situation of students, SUPCON Training will arrange the corresponding training, such as system configuration engineer training, maintenance engineer training, system integrator training; and according to the different training, training period can range from one week to three weeks. Training adopts a combination of theory and practice including the system selection, configuration, installation, commissioning, and maintaining courses. And SUPCON Training provides control station, operator station, engineering station, simulator, multifunction calibrator and etc for students, and also gives students enough time to operate. Industrial experts will train the students according to the clients' project.

SUPCON Training headquarters in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, if necessary, it can also provide the end users with on-site training services.

Since 2001, many customers from North Korea, Vietnam, Egypt, Myanmar, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Thailand etc have participated in its training courses and have got good train results. Students give highly praised of the SUPCON Overseas Training, and have good friendship with SUPCON.

Powerful Teaching Staff
The full-time teaching staff from SUPCON Training has rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience. They have all passed strict qualification certification and examination. They come from the university professors with several years' education experience, senior engineers presiding large project development and design and engineers with the plentiful experience. And it has an expert team with rich, interactive and easy-to-use curricula. The team adjusts curricula to improve train effectiveness of students by feedback and electronic assessment.

Scientific Course Design
We provide overseas customers special IEC (International DCS Engineer Certificate) training.
Participants: Technical engineer
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of automation control and DCS
Period: 10 Days
· To be familiar with the performance and features of DCS and instrumentation.
· To be familiar with the hardware and network.
· To be able to use configuration and HMI software practically.
· To be able to program and maintain the DCS system.
· To be familiar with SUPCON project application standard and implementation procedure.
· To know the application advantages and technical features of SUPCON DCS in the process industries.
Training Course

Course Content
DCS development trend Popular DCS introduction
DCS and PLC Difference between DCS and PLC
DCS hardware Working principle and basic functions introduction of system hardware, network, communication and etc.
Configuration application SCKEY configuration including control station, operator station, I/O module, signal channel, routine control scheme and configuration standard.
Flowchart, report, HMI application Operation and function of flowchart software, report software and etc.
HMI operation Operation and function of real-time monitoring software.
Control program
Graphic program language
System maintenance Basic maintenance methods and procedure
Project application standard Implementation procedure, application standard on environment, cable connection, power supply and etc.
SUPCON instrument SUPCON instrument performance and application introduction
Industry application
SUPCON project examples explanation including system scale, hardware configuration, system performance and etc.
Top Grade Training Environment
SUPCON Training not only has set some multimedia classrooms to send the train contents to student computers via internet, but also has spent more than millions to establish the simulation lab with whole set of DCS, ECS and plenty of instrumentation. It aims to provide the students the best experiment condition and ensure the best training effect.
Flexible Training Configuration
SUPCON Training has set a flexible configuration to provide training for customers. Base on the requirements of the customer, it provides training to the place the customer appointed. The courses setting are more reasonable and integrated. Our training consultants will develop course according to your capacity and your requirements.