Check point service
During the period of the production equipment maintenance, SUPCON's professional maintenance engineers will supply on-site overall inspection and maintenance service, solve the existing problems and hidden troubles to ensure the system long-term, safe and stable operation.

Special tools for check point

Yearly maintenance service
SUPCON offers regular on-site system inspection and technical support of 24-hour hotline every day, and provides quick emergency service to help customers find out and clear the hidden malfunction in time, in order to decrease the time cost for solving the emergency problems to the minimum, and ensure the stability of the system.

Maintenance service renewal
Beyond the maintenance period, the customers still can enjoy the service as within the maintenance period, which can decrease the maintenance risk and expenses.

Maintenance service of instrument and control system
Design the maintenance solutions of the instrument and control system, make the emergency plans, and supply professional teams on-site service, and provide the daily maintenance and Inspection, fault handling, overhaul organization, technology management, technical support, and technology training service, in order to ensure the safety and stability of instrument and control system.

Solution optimization service
According to the customer’s requirements, SUPCON can provide improved and optimized service for completed projects. in order to achieve much better process control effects, and upgrade the system. The optimization service includes system solution optimization and system expansion optimization service.

System upgrading service
According to the demand, SUPCON can provide the system upgrading service of performance and function in some respects such as control module, data transmission module, chip or software of I/O module and configuration software, and also provide the relative configuration and debugging service to prolong the system lifecycle.

Spare parts service
Provide consultation, configuration and sales service of spare parts. Mainly include the spare parts coming from the appeal and service.