SUPCON Automation Solution for Power Plant
In recent years, each industry has experienced very fast development, and the requirements of power generation plant become sophisticated. With the pressure of global energy sources crisis and environment pollution, more high requirements are imposed to the automatic control of power units.
At present, the automation system of the power plant has been developing from the unit level, power generator units control level, system level and integration level to incorporation level. The power industry not only requires to realize the production automation of the power plant, but to realize the information incorporation of full plant. The total solution of SUPCON includes the following four parts:
·DCS control strategies for the production processes of power plant
· Control strategies of the auxiliary systems of the power plant
·Power plant supervision information system(SIS)
·Management strategies for the plant level management information system(MIS)

SUPCON Automation Solution for CFBB
Recently, how to solve the problems about decreasing the NOx\SO2 pollutant release from the coal combustion equipments, improving environment, decreasing the greenhouse effect, developing the usage of energy, taking advantage of the inferior coal, dealing with the conflicts among the solid rubbish fuel and so on becomes the key factor in the development and application of coal combustion and comprehensive usage of equipments. At the same time, the characteristics of environmental protection, excellent adaptability and outstanding energy saving for CFBB attract the attention of more and more enterprises.
In the other hand, there are many advantages in CFBB, but the control is very complicated and difficult. Many researchers have done on combustion control, but the practical and feasible control strategies for the total automation control for combustion are still in short supply.
SUPCON has done a great deal of research in CFBB control and accumulated abundant site experience. The suitable control schemes aiming at every scale of CFBB are designed and successfully applied in many fields. In this solution, we collect the application experience, hope providing the references of energy saving and operation optimization in CFBB application.

SUPCON Automation Solution for Waste Incinerator
Municipal domestic waste is a problem must be solved if the city is to survive and develop. Use municipal domestic waste to generate electricity and supply heat is one of the ideal method to solve this problem. By using this method, the purpose of waste minimization, harmless, and resource recycle can be realized synchronously, so it is of high social value and economic value.