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SUPCON Automation Solution for Coking Industry
Coke is mainly used in steel industry with coking coal as raw material. With the maximization of coke furnace and complication of corollary equipments such as chemical production, environment protection, coking production increasingly needs to raise automation level in this industry through adopting automatic control devices and network technologies, and thus reduce three wastes emission, when ensuring secure production and increasing economic efficiency.
With its excellent products, professional engineering implement teams, and consummate solution, SUPCON has helped almost one hundred coking industry clients achieve control on coking production process. Equipment implement level has been raised to 2,000,000t/a from 200,000t/a at the beginning.
Application Example

SUPCON Automation Solution for Air Separation
Air separation unit is the necessary tache in metallurgy, petrochemical, fertilizer industry and etc. Recently, because metallurgy, petrochemical and fertilizer industry developed quickly, the capability and demand of air separation equipment is increasing. Air separation equipment is developing toward maximization, high pressure gas products, diverse liquid products, products with high purity, operation with low cost, equipment operation is steady and reliable, field coverage acreage is decreasing and etc. People are used to divide air separation as metallurgy type and chemical type. Metallurgy industry usually requires the oxygen pressure is limited between 2.0MPa to 3.0MPa, Petrochemical industry usually requires the oxygen pressure is between 4.0MPz and 9.0MPa; the scale of air separation equipment it needed is also very large, usually more than "30000" grade.